We offer an array of services to help your business and brand achieve it’s mission so that you have time & space to focus on what you do best!

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Over the years, we’ve seen many businesses with great ideas, amazing offerings and achievable missions struggle to realize their potential.

Why? Because they’re missing a clear understanding of where they’re at, where they want to be and how they’re going to get there. AKA there don’t have a business strategy.

Whether you’re trying to get a new idea off the ground or you’re growing an existing business, our experience working in, starting our own and consulting for businesses will help you with:

Business Strategy
In an ever changing environment, a sound strategy is more important than ever. We guide you through clarifying your why, what and how so that you can formulate an agile and effective action plan.
Business Operations
How much smarter, faster and better can you operate? Whether your business is at pre-launch or is well established, we work with you to create effective systems, processes & procedures to help you efficiently achieve your goals.
Sales & Marketing
We help you achieve sustainable growth by putting your customer’s at the heart of your sales and marketing strategy.
Privacy & Security
Your data and privacy are yours to own and control. However, many of us don’t realize that many of the systems and services we use compromise the safety and security of our information. We help you identify ways that you can create and utilize private and secure systems within your business. We work closely with you to transition away from big tech such as google, facebook and youtube towards open-source, censorship-free, secure and private alternatives.

So that your business has a crystal clear strategy to achieve it’s important mission.





We work with you to create high quality, meaningful content that gives back to your customers while promoting your brand, products and services.

It’s easy to think about increasing your exposure, reach and conversions but have you found a way to do so whilst creating something useful and beneficial for your audience?

Cosmic Creative Studio specializes in crafting effective value propositions that benefit everyone. We create beautiful and meaningful content and take care of:

Photography & Video
We specialize in portrait, food & product photography. We offer photography & video as stand-alone services or in conjunction with branding & design.
We work with you to discern your unique offering and help you communicate it beautifully and effectively. From website copy, to product descriptions and educational workbooks, we help you craft compelling ways to share your unique message with your audience.
Whether your content is in print or digital form, we support you through the entire process from planning and creation all the way through to publishing and execution.
Scheduling & Publishing
We work closely with you and your business to create processes that foster efficient planning, management and publishing of your content.

So that you have more time to focus on what you do best while we take care of the rest.





We specialize in translating your mission, vision, products and services into beautiful brand assets that give back to your customers and community.

Through our discovery meetings, we work closely with you to create branding and designs that encapsulate the essence of your unique offering.

From logos to websites to books and packaging, Cosmic Creative Studio crafts beautiful designs with a simple, clean and memorable aesthetic. We lovingly create:

Brand Identity Design
This encompasses all visual the aspects of your brand. At Cosmic Creative Studio, we make sure your brand identity beautifully represents your branding throughout all your print and online assets.
Website Design & Build
We work with you to design and build a beautiful website that is useful, informative, builds trust and recognition and converts visitors into leads.
Branding is the perception of your entire business including it’s ethos, mission and offerings. It’s what sticks in your mind in association with a product, service, or organization. We help you ensure that your branding is on point.
Meaningful Brand Assets
We craft beautiful brand assets that provide a value proposition to your customers and audience. We specialize in useful, educational assets that help your business achieve it’s mission.

So that you make memorable and lasting good impressions through all your products & services.