Cosmic Creative Studio works across a range of mediums to support your business & brand in achieving it’s mission.

Our values underpin everything we do so when you work with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver work that’s as aligned with your mission as it is functional and beautiful. Click the left and right arrows to view some examples of our work in our portfolio below.

Sigrid Tasies

Leadership Coach




Graphic Design
Content Creation


Podcast Graphics
Podcast Audiograms
Media Kit Design & Copy



Sigrid is a successful leadership coach and modern medicine woman.

She came to us looking to create branding and graphic assets for her new podcast entitled Sacred Leadership.

Sigrid wanted a clean, simple and sophisticated design that would compliment the existing branding for her coaching business.

We worked closely with Sigrid to interpret what she envisioned and bring it to life on-screen.

The result was a set of graphic templates that she could use to promote her podcast as well as each individual episode.

Don’t forget to click the right-arrow to view our audiogram design for Sigrid’s podcast. Audiograms are videos that present podcast in dynamic and visual ways.

We also worked with Sigrid to create a media kit that showcased her expertise when dealing with collaboration and media opportunities.

Media kits are a very useful asset for individuals such as influencers, thought leaders and coaches.

You can think of a media kit as a beautiful, easy to read summary of your mission, experience, area of expertise and audience.

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Working with Cosmic Creative Studio has been amazing. Thanks to having their support I am able to focus on my zone of genius and save a lot of time. They designed my podcast artwork, my media kit and several other graphic assets for my coaching business. What I love most about them is that the directions on what they need from me in order to complete the jobs are very clear, which makes it simple for me to delegate tasks without needing to invest a lot of my time in our communications, and they also make sure I am happy with the results I get, which gives me a peace of mind I haven’t had in previous experiences when out-sourcing design jobs. I definitely recommend them!

Sigrid Tasies, Leadership Coach |

Dan Snow

Vedic Meditation Teacher






Portraits For Website



Dan is a Vedic Meditation Teacher based in Sydney, Australia.

He came to us for some photography to use in his website, social media and newsletters.
We wanted to make sure that all shots complimented Dan’s existing branding, which is beautifully simple and reflective of the ocean that is located right outside his window!
To achieve this, we focused on capturing his natural warmth and made the most of his beautiful meditation space.
We selected a colour palette comprised of blues, greens and muted golds to make sure the images would fit in seamlessly with his existing assets.

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The whole experience working with Cosmic Creative Studio was fantastic. The photo shoot flowed really effortlessly. I felt extremely comfortable and the directions were clear. Cosmic Creative Studio edited and presented the photos in a timely fashion and I couldn’t be happier with the them! I would love to do another shoot with Cosmic Creative Studio and would highly recommend them to others!


Dan Snow, Vedic Meditation Teacher | Dan Snow Meditation

Blythe Langford

Holistic Business Coach




Content Creation
Website Rebuild
Design & Branding
Consulting & Strategy


Logo Re-Design
Website Rebuild
Program Guide Design
Podcast Pixel Design



Blythe has successfully run million dollar businesses for the past 20 years.

She came to us when she was looking to transition into coaching full-time and required re-branding and a website re-build.

We worked closely with Blythe to collate her existing assets and transform them into a brand and website that was more cohesive, professional and reflective of her vibrant and engaging personality.

Since then, we have designed Blythe’s podcast graphics, coaching program guides, business cards and social media templates.

We have also worked with Blythe to design and write essential documents such as client coaching contracts and volunteer agreements for her foundation named Resonate.

As a self-confessed technology novice, we also work with Blythe to set up simple and effective systems for her to manage all her online activities easily and automatically so that she has the time to focus on what she does best!

You can view Blythe’s website re-build by clicking the button below.

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I can’t speak highly enough of Cosmic Creative Studio! They have been able to help me with my own brand, my not-for-profit foundation and physical businesses beyond what I thought was possible. Cosmic Creative Studio are geniuses in everything from seeing my vision to helping it to come to life and managing the ongoing tasks needed to support them. I haven’t come across anything Cosmic Creative Studio can’t do! They  handle my graphic design, branding, photography, social media planning, video creation & copy writing. To put simply working with them keeps things simple. I can’t imagine life without them.


Blythe Langford, Personal Freedom Coach | Resonate Foundation


Rachel Gross

Vedic Meditation Teacher






Portraits For Website



Rachel is a Vedic Meditation Teacher based in Pittsburgh with students from all over the world.

She came to us for some photos to use on her her website while she was in town.

We worked quickly to shoot and edit portraits for Rachel, focusing on capturing her natural radiance and tranquility.

One of the most important elements of Cosmic Creative Studio shoots is making our clients comfortable enough so that their essence becomes visible through the images that we take. 

We worked with a vibrant and bohemian aesthetic to reflect Rachael’s natural beauty and the freedom and ease that comes with meditation.

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Working with Cosmic Creative Studio was an absolute joy…especially considering it was so last minute! I need some photos on the fly, and CCS swooped in and made it happen. The shoot felt really natural, from start to finish, and everything about the experience was comfortable and fun.  I felt super at ease, which really came through in the photos, and I was blown away to see the final product! Who knew that laughter was the key to beautiful photos?! CCS. That’s who. And not only did they bring the comic relief, but the turnaround was impressively quick, the final edits were stunning, and all of our interactions were friendly and professional. I look forward to co-creating with Cosmic Creative Studio on future projects, and I highly recommend them to any purpose-driven biz looking for support in the creative realm.

Rachel Gross, Vedic Meditation Teacher |